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When buying a bicycle, whether for a child or for yourself, you should run through the following checklist:
? How much are you willing to pay?
? Would you choose new or second-hand?
? What kind of cycling will be done? (on-road, off-road, combination of both)
? What is the correct frame size? ? Security?

What to consider


Buying a Bike - part 1

Decide how much you want to pay and what you expect for your money.   Visit as many bicycle shops as you can, and try to get an idea of what is available.   Compare prices and types of bike.   How often are you likely to use the bicycle?   If you or your child is just about to take up cycling for the first time ever, it may be better to borrow a suitable bike, until you can see how much you enjoy cycling.   Choose a bike shop you feel is friendly and makes you feel like you can ask questions and are friendly.   High street chains won't give you such one to one care.
There is a range of bicycle types available.   You will have some idea of whether the bike would be used only on the road, for off the road purposes (such as trail riding) or a combination of both.   The type of cycling to be done will determine the type of bike that you should choose.   Again, visit bicycle shops and ask about which type of bike would be best for the cycling that you or you child intend to do.   Remember that self-assembly packed bicycles may require time and some technical expertise to build them.
14.  The Club’s committee will consist of the following officers: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Coaching Secretary, Membership Secretary, Clothing Secretary, Communications Secretary, Child Welfare Officer and up to 3 Riders’ Representatives. A minimum of 4 people will be needed to transact business at a committee meeting.

Dissolving the Club

15.  In the event a move is made for the Club to be dissolved a General Meeting should be called. A three-quarters majority is required for such a motion to be carried. In this event, any monies held by the Club after settling any debts should be donated to other local registered Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) within the sport of cycling, and/or the National Governing Body for Cycling, for use by them in community related sports. The names of the organisations and the proportions of funds for each to be decided at the General Meeting of the Club at which the Club is dissolved.

Type of bike

Second Hand

A good second hand bike might be bought for the same price as a less sophisticated new bicycle.   Look in cycle magazines or ask at your local cycle centre.(Here at Herne Hill Velodrome)

Part 2: Choosing Childrens bikes

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