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These are the formal rules for the running of Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club.
2.   The Club’s main aims are:
    a) To give young people access to off-road cycling, particularly those living in the inner city.
    b) To work with local cycle clubs to make other cycling disciplines, such as track, road and BMX, available to our members and make off-road cycling available to theirs.
    c) To coach young people in preparation for competition and cycling safely on the road and in traffic.
    d) To teach cycle maintenance.
    e) To give advice on nutrition and general health.
    f) To foster a sense of self-confidence and sporting fairness among its members.
    g) To be open to all without discrimination and positively encourage a membership that reflects the diversity of the local community.
    h) To ensure that all members receive fair and equal treatment without discrimination.
    i) To care for the welfare of all members in accordance with the Club’s Child Protection Policy.


1.  The Club is called the ‘Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club’ and is based at Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Road, London SE24 9HE. Its object is to provide facilities for and promote participation in the sport of cycling.



Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club rules


3. The Club will be run for non-profit. However, it will raise money by means of membership fees, weekly subscriptions, donations and applications for grant funding from various bodies in order to achieve its aims. Any surpluses made are to be re-invested for the benefit of the Club as a whole.

4.   The Club will operate as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) as defined by the Finance Act 2002.

5.   Any funds, property, profits or surpluses of the Club must be used to benefit the Club as a whole and must not be distributed to individual members, except as reasonably allowed under these Rules, and those in the Finance Act 2002.

In particular, the Club may make payments to members and volunteers for expenses related with the normal running of the Club, or for providing goods and services (though not for riding) on fair terms set by the Committee without the person concerned being present.

6.   The Club’s Annual accounts are to be presented each year to the AGM.


7.   The Club is staffed by Coaches, Trainee Coaches and Volunteers. The Club Secretary will ensure that all staff are eligible to work with children under the conditions in the Protection of Children Act 1999.  Coaches must have completed a recognised coaching qualification, and Trainees will be working towards this.  Coaches/trainees must hold a recognised First Aid Certificate and current CRB. Volunteers must hold current CRB.


8.   Membership of the Club is for boys and girls aged six to sixteen.  At age sixteen, members will be encouraged to join other local cycling clubs.

9.   Young people wishing to join should complete an application form and get a parent or guardian to sign it.  An annual membership fee is payable on joining.  All fees and weekly subscriptions will be set at an accessible level for all participants.

10.  Members and their parents/guardians have the right to vote at a General Meeting of the Club. Members and their parents/guardians must agree to follow the Club’s Rules and Codes of Conduct. The annual membership fee will become due for renewal on the anniversary of joining. 

The Club Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to the members.

11.   All Members and Staff must agree to abide by the Club Rules and Codes of Conduct and to behave in a sporting and good-natured manner. For safety, Members need to obey coach/staff instructions at all times.

12.   Each member and his/her parent or guardian needs to keep his/her cycle in a sound and safe condition.  A member whose cycle is not safe cannot use it to take part in sessions until is repaired. However, hire bikes will be available on a first come, first served basis at an affordable cost.

General Meetings

13.  An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club shall be called each year, not more than 15 months following the previous one. The AGM is the usual way for the Club to:

   a) Select people for committee positions,
   b) Present the annual accounts to the members,
   c) Decide if the Club wishes to affiliate to other organisations, such as National Governing Bodies,
   d) Make any changes to these Rules.
   e) Set annual subscription rates

If any of these things need to be done quickly, without waiting for the next AGM, a Special General Meeting may be called by submitting in writing to the Committee the reason for calling such a meeting
- signed by at least 10 members or their parents/guardians. It should be held no later than 60 days following this submission.

General Meetings should be notified to Members and their parents/guardians with an Agenda at least 21 days before the meeting. Changes to existing club rules must be passed by a two-thirds majority at a General Meeting. Any proposed rule changes must be circulated to members with this Agenda.


14.  The Club’s committee will consist of the following officers: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Coaching Secretary, Membership Secretary, Clothing Secretary, Communications Secretary, Child Welfare Officer and up to 3 Riders’ Representatives. A minimum of 4 people will be needed to transact business at a committee meeting.

Dissolving the Club

15.  In the event a move is made for the Club to be dissolved a General Meeting should be called. A three-quarters majority is required for such a motion to be carried. In this event, any monies held by the Club after settling any debts should be donated to other local registered Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) within the sport of cycling, and/or the National Governing Body for Cycling, for use by them in community related sports. The names of the organisations and the proportions of funds for each to be decided at the General Meeting of the Club at which the Club is dissolved.

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