Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club
Friends of the Velodrome link
Friends of the Velodrome link
We are always interested in your photos  -we like to watch and help in events and hence are not always taking pictures.    Pictures of the Riders are welcome, as well as Club activities, the Velodrome, people, our bikes etc.   Please send them as JPG images - this is the format most digital photos produce.

To send us your photos of the HHYCC'ers in action, mail your photos to hhycc_photos@hhycc.com.   Here is how best to do it...

We adhere to the British Cycling photography guidelines, which you can read here.  

How to send in your photos...

Resizing for the website...

Our website galleries uses pictures sized at 500x500 pixels (approx 50kb), which is far less than what most digital cameras produce.   Typically a 5 megapixel camera will create an image around 2000x2500 pixels (approx 1-2mb).   So please resize before sending.   This will speed up the time it takes you to send them to us and the time it takes me to put them on the site - hurrah!    If you can't, don't worry - send them anyway.

How do I resize?    You can resize with any photo editing software, but I use a freeware resizing tool called Easy Thumbnails, by Fookes Software. Since its freeware, it costs nothing.    This runs on Windows, but there are probably equivalents for Macs.   It is very easy to use.
If you have several pictures you want to send you can 'zip' them into a single file.   In Windows, select the folder the resized images are in.  Use a right mouse click on the selected folder to send it to a compressed (zipped) folder...

This will put your photos into a ZIP file, which you can then attach as a single file to your mail - and we can download in a single go!  Hurray!
And remember to mail them to:
Screen picture of the Files tab settings in Easy Thumbnails
1. On the Files tab, select the folder that contains your photos, and the folder for the resultant resized images to be saved in....
Screen picture of the resize setting in Easy Thumbnails
2. On the Settings tab, set the max height and width to 500, with the resize option as 'Best fit'.

Sending many pictures to us.......

3. Click the 'Make all' button.   The pictures will be resized and saved in the folder you selected

You can now send them to us at hhycc_photos@hhycc.com   If you have many to send, here is how to zip them up into a single file.