All the people involved with the Herne Hill Youth Cycling club are all volunteers and do a stirling job keeping the club going.   Whilst there seem to be quite a few of us, its not often we are all available for a Saturday, so we can always use more people to help the club run smoothly and spread the load.  You may be able to layout a course, assist a coach, hand out bikes, mend a puncture, raise funds etc - take a look at the Volunteers page, speak to any of us on Saturdays or get in contact through the link.
Bill Wright
Will Mordant
Dave Argent
Bill used to work for British Cycling and is a Go-Ride Coach, which had him doing cycle coaching in schools around the East London area.  He's now a student of Alternative technology visiting deepest darkest Wales every so often.  He has left his best racing years behind him now, but still enjoys riding on the road, track and off-road too.  Occasionally he races, but mainly so that other people can win.
Will helps out where needed - with the register, helping with bikes, grass cutting, etc. Will also works in IT and is interested in cycling, hill walking.   Will once lived in Davis, California, known as the bicycle capital of America.   He wants to become one of the crew in the shed, so if you can help with the register speak with him.
Dave is our Treasurer. As a teenager he did a lot of cycle touring before moving on to hill walking as an adult. Now the whole family is involved in cycling. During the week he works in the design and fit-out of corporate interiors.   You can find him wandering around often with a strimmer in his hand.   Ask to give him a hand!

Who we are: meet the volunteers

Andrea Permentiers
Andrea helps with the register, while her son is busy cycling with the club.   She is pretty good at playing Top Trumps and she loves digging!   She likes cycling but usually prefers to push her bike rather than peddle it up hills.   She enjoys all your unusual family names because hers is the result of a spelling mistake on her Dad's birth certificate.
Charlie is one of the coaches that qualified in 2009 and is also a qualified Ride leader.   He is a member of Dulwich Paragon, runs the Saturday Paragon rides for the over 12s, and Mitcham Cyclo Cross training.   He is also a keen racer. When not on his bike, he designs children's furniture.   Did you know that his most important piece of kit so far was a Go Kart for Dennis the Menace and Gnasher?    He's also our Membership secretary and involved with the Skyride initiatives.   Charlie organises the over 12s activies with Dulwich Paragon.
Charles Codrington
Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club
Friends of the Velodrome link
Friends of the Velodrome link
I'd like to help too!
John Maytom
John has been a keen cyclist since he was a kid but somehow managed to miss all the opportunities of the velodrome - all the more shameful as his uncle was a club champion back in the 50s.  He is making up for it now by ensuring his own three children get to experience both track and off-road at Herne Hill.  The majority of his cycling takes place back and forwards to Westminster for work, the occasional circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight with mates and the annual London to Brighton run where he led a team of 98, wining the Team Trophy for most sponsorship raised.
Shed helpers
So who looks after our bikes? - the shed helpers of course.   Shed helpers congregate around our containers, lending out bikes, making sure you have a helmet, putting bikes back again.   In the lull between sessions, they do the repairs, keeping our stock of bikes in tip top condition ready for you guys to go and get them all muddy again.   A great crew to hang out with if you can fix a puncture,  and even if you can't!
Register, kit and gardening team
All the registers takers are parent of kids in the club - just like the rest of you adults, so why not give them a hand?   Making sure everyone is signed in, consent forms are completed and the club funds are duely contributed to!   These people enable the coaches to get going quickly and so make the most of the time!   And with 30+ kids in a session now
Coaches and Race co-ordinator
These are the people that work with the kids, building their cycling skills, general confidence and camaraderie.   Some of us are already British Cycling trained, to Level 2 Coaching skills, at the very least.  Others are on that path.  We are all first aid qualified, and do our best to keep make the sessions fun and productive.   We are always able to help answer cycling related questions, advise on aspects of coaching and help get you involved in racing - it can get quite hectic on Saturdays so please bear with us...

... Oh, and we can always use a cup of tea, slice of cake or bacon butty to replenish our enthusiasm!
Shed helpers
Register people
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Michael Cordon
Don is currently copmpleting his Level 2 course and enjoyis riding with his daughter and partner.   He's a keen MTB'er and you can find him patrolling the trails prior to most sessions checking their safe
Dave Argent
Matthew runs the kit sales with Maureen.   He comes to HHYCC with his son. He has been a keen cyclist for many years, carrying on a family tradition.. He has recently been cyclocross racing in the London League and sometimes makes a futile effort at the Crystal Palace crits.  He also designs for some of your favourite cycling magazines.
Geoff Nutter
Geoff completed his Level 2 certificate in early 2009, followed by the British cycling Ride leader certificate.  When not coaching, he helps with family ride outs, leads Skyride local rides and runs this website.   He also helps arrange rides for the over 12s.   Racing the Winter cyclo cross league he is living proof that its never too late to start!   He works in IT, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in shorts and a T-shirt, and once wrote software to fly Airbus airliners.    Oh, and fixed the runway lights at Heathrow and Gatwick.
Mark Hindley
Giles Gibson
Don Whiley
Mark is never happier than when tinkering with a bike. He has worked as a mountain bike holiday guide, leading groups in a variety of exotic locations and commutes daily across town. Having crossed the line between loitering parent and enthusiastic coach, Mark is also finishing off his BC qualification. When he's not coaching, he's designing schools, libraries and health centres with a leading architectural practice or grubbing about on the allotment.

Giles is a long-time local Herne Hill resident who works in business innovation and strategy. He is also working his way through the Level 2 British Cycling Coaching Certificate. When not figuring out really tough exercises for HHYCC attendees he can be found running marathons or guiding cycling tours across the Himalayas and up to Everest base Camp.  Remember that when your looking!
Michael is a Level 2 British Cycling Coach and an experienced Bikeability Instructor delivering courses in Southwark and Croydon schools.  When not coaching he likes nothing better than ripping up the trails on his 29er SS Mtb.  Wheelie yet to be dialled...
Ian is a radio producer, VCL member and wheel builder - and our Bike Maintenance coordinator, organising our bikes, helping out mending our bikes and generally talking bike chat!
Tony Cassidy
Tony is our race co-ordinator, organising and recording the HHYCC race league.  Whilst not a coach, Tony may as well be with two race winning children and a regular at many of the races.   He also runs Star on a Reasonably priced bike.

Did you know he used to race motorbikes?
Welfare Officer
Lisa is our Welfare Officer and wants nothing more than all our cyclists, young and teen, to feel safe, enthusiastic and excited to be cycling in all weathers and terrains at HHYCC. Her son Dexter is determined to master the trailís Big Bob before he hits his teens. In her spare time she gardens and wishes she was skiing.

If you have any concerns about the club, the coaches, the kids, the parents or the activities we run, Lisa is an independent committee member whom you can talk to about them. Any concerns, at all, donít be shy, she is keen and here to help and support.

We have a dededicated Welfare and Safeguarding page which covers this topic in more detail.
Peter is a local Herne Hill resident, Peter retired from sportif and criterium racing with Dulwich Paragon and now helps co-ordinate, support and encourage Herne Hill Youth's racers.

Photo to come soon!
Volunteer co-ordinators
Martin and Aparna
Martin and Aparna are our Volunteer co-ordinators.   Their role is to gather together all the talented parents and carers that bring their offsprings to HHYCC, and organise them to help do jobs around the club and its trails.

Martin runs a small software company and, when not cycling to or from the city, he is either performing music (piano, organ and singing) or running after two cycling boys: Raphael who is in HHYCC and Laurence who is counting the days until he is old enough to join (only 500 to go!).

Aparna tells us she enjoys cycling, playing badminton and holds a P1 certificate in Krav Maga (Martial Arts, Israel). She likes to travel, meet people and share experiences.   She worked as a TV Producer in India before moving to the UK last year, and is still adapting to life in London. She comes to HHYCC with her son.
Martin and Aparna
Welfare officer
Volunteers co-ordinators
Jan and George
Jan and George are very important people - they run the Cafe!   Teas, Coffees, soft drinks, Bacon sandwiches, Hot dogs, Cakes, Buns, Choc bars, Crisps all served with friendly chat!   Bring your pocket money!   And don't forget the rest of the helpers there on a Saturday.
Jan and George
Teas, cakes and bacon butties!
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2010: Judith awarded British Cycling volunteer Coach of the Year - well done Judith!
And Bill was awarded NE London Coach of the year
Volunteers co-ordinators
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Welfare and Safeguarding page
... And theres Matthew, and a few others who all lend a regular hand
... and we have several others - but can always do with more!